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Hardware and Support

Future Technology and Research, Inc. is an advanced solutions provider in the computer industry. We provide procurement services of all major brands of computers. FTRI can also custom build computer systems to fulfill your company's needs.

Have you ever lost a hard drive? FTRI provides hardware repair, hardware upgrades and maintenance services. We also work our solutions to prevent permanent loss of important data.

Advanced Computer Workstation Solutions

Let's face it: technology has created a mobile culture consisting of millions of telecommuters, field workers, on-the-road sales personnel and home-office workers.

Everyone can connect to their office networks from hotels, airports, and other remote locations besides home. Plus, networks now encompass the whole process of information creation, flow, storage, and processing.

In other words, it is the lifeline of the process of value creation, on which a company thrives. This connectivity and accessibility that make networks so indispensable also create unforeseen consequences, making it imperative for organizations to adopt proactive and pro-future security measures.'s embeds advanced security and compliance in all of our deployments. We know that staying on top of security threats and compliance issues can be an overwhelming and daunting task. Your team can rest easy with (your)’s.

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Apple Server Solutions

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