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Design, Consultation, & Maintenance

Future Technology and Research, Inc. is a leading edge service provider. Our crack team of networking professionals are the finest engineers around.

Only one company has a strategy to help.

FTRI's Strategic Network Maintenance philosophy is based on extensive research and real-world experience in the world's best-run networks. It's framework is designed to minimize downtime, maximize uptime, manpower, and productivity as well as reducing support cost to make your network and your staff as effective as efficient as possible.

It takes regular maintenance to keep your network running smoothly


You know the drill; too many applications, too much customization, low storage utilization, unprotected data and underutilized server capacity — all resulting in spiraling operations cost. And then there are the increases in power and cooling costs.

It’s really a matter of controlling the network before it controls you. .

The Networking process begins with a needs alignment. Regardless of what your vision of progress is, suffice to say, in this day and age, you are option rich.'s Network Certified engineers we're quite adept at bringing an objective expertise to your problem-solving, momentum building agenda. We look forward to speaking with you about your current needs or project.



Knowledge of: Access Control, Application Security, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning, Cryptography, Information Security and Risk Management, Legal, Regulations, Compliance and Investigations, Operations Security, Physical (Environmental) Security, Security Architecture and Design, Telecommunications and Network Security.