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What To Expect

Step 1: Plan

Once we are clear on where we are going, we’ll present you with a plan containing milestones and deadlines. We will confer with you every step of the way, so nothing happens without your knowledge and nothing goes forward without your approval. Design, usability, functionality, and technology requirements are all locked down before any pixels are moved. This is the blueprint of “the house.”

Step 2: Design

First Round of Creative: This is where we get to express to you in design and copy what you expressed to us, and where you get to weigh in with your feedback and changes. We present you with more than one creative direction and get your reaction. Sometimes our designers hit the nail on the head the first time out of the chute, but normally we go through various stages of revisions and tweaks. Second Round of Creative: A revised layout is presented with the agreed to changes and with your final blessing we move into the website development phase.

Step 3: Develop

This is the actual building phase of “the house.” Our expert programmers will take your approved design and code it into an actual website you can interact with.

Step 3.5: Quality Assurance & Troubleshooting

Does that video play when it’s supposed to? Does the e-commerce function as it should? Is Bob’s last name spelled correctly? All these and many more issues are tested, retested and improved. We aren’t done until it’s all working to your satisfaction.

Step 4: Launch



Frequently Asked Questions:

I am intimidated by the web. Are you the right company for me?

Absolutely. We will hold your hand and guide you gently through this process as we have with so many local business owners. We’ll make your web project painless and seamless. Nothing will be a surprise or a shock. We’re your ally and ambassador to the world wide web.

I know everything there is to know about the web. Are you the right company for me?

Absolutely! We are called Post Modern Marketing, because we consider ourselves to be architects of forward thinking website strategies. Our designers, programmers, copywriters and search marketing specialists are seasoned professionals who will build you an effective, sophisticated state-of-the-art site. If you’re comfortable talking CSS, APIs, FTPs and 301 Redirects, we gladly welcome your input.

What if I have my own design or designer?

No problem! We love working with new people and collaborating on the creative process. A stranger is just a friend we haven’t met yet!

Do you offer any type of warranty?

We 100% stand by our work and provide a free 30 day warranty on all of our programming. If any bugs come out and bite or if something looks a little out of place, contact us and we will fix it right away.

Do you offer any monthly maintenance plans?

New Website Design and Development

With over 19 years of building custom websites, we have a pretty good sense for what works and what doesn't. We design engaging, modern websites that are also practical and easy to navigate. Usability is a key ingredient in any site, and we’re passionate about getting it right the first time.


Working with us means you're hiring professional designers trained specifically in website design, which is very different from other media. You're partnering with competent programmers, project managers, and usability specialists. And, you're gaining a resource that advises you on ways to use your new website to your best advantage. It's all in one package. One team